Visit the Grévin museum with the Cadet Residence

Visit the Grévin museum with the Cadet Residence

March 13th, 2019

The many street lamps installed in the 19th century are the origin of the “City of Light” nickname. One could have mistakenly thought that he was referring to the emblematic philosophers of the previous century, which marked a movement of intellectual renewal and … cultural. A very omnipresent culture in the French Capital! Notably embodied by the Musée Grévin, a all public attraction that leaves no one indifferent. See you at the wax museum of the French capital with Cadet Residence

The Grévin Museum in Paris

Enjoy the next school holidays to visit the Grévin museum with your family! History of France, well-known characters, sportsmen and artists of all kinds await you …

Wax reproductions, an outing for all

Not less than 700,000 people go to this establishment opened every year since spring 1882. You can admire about 200 famous characters reproduced in wax! It is certainly an atypical museum. History lover, people passionated by sport or movie fans… There is something for everyone at the 10th, Boulevard Montmartre! This great family outing allows us to admire the latest personalities exhibited at the Musée Grévin in Paris.

Thus, those who have already come to the place can still have fun browsing the different rooms. Among new celebrities, you can see the soccer world champion Kylian M’Bappé, the fashion designer Jean Paul Gaultier, or the popular French actress Alexandra Lamy. There are also legends of music like Michael Jackson, the King of Pop. Discover also historical characters such as Louis XIV or Albert Einstein, or the former US President Barack Obama … The youngest will be happy with comics or animated movies characters such as such as Gaston Lagaffe, Obelix or Spiderman.

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A theater and a place of restoration

At this address, two other places are also worth a visit! Indeed, go to the Grévin theater, where there are punctually scheduled performances. On March 11th, a harpsichord virtuoso and a no less talented violinist paid tribute to Vivaldi and other composers “In the Italian style”. On April 15th, Monteverdi, Rossi and Strozzi will be honored. Then the spectators will have the opportunity to attend the “Mad Follies” on Monday, May 13th in this same room (about 200 seats).

The Café Grévin also stands out, which offers you to eat or drink in a very nice setting.

The Cadet Residence, close to the Grévin Museum

Five minutes walk: this is all you needs to join the Grévin Museum from the Cadet Residence. In other words, our accommodation offers a privileged access to this tourist and cultural attraction! If the characteristics of a studio certainly satisfy all the couples who stay in the capital, the equipment and the surface of the apartments also fit the requirements of the families. They find the comfort expected and feel at home after returning from an afternoon shopping or a visit to the Musée Grévin in Paris.

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