8 unusual activities to do with the family in Paris

8 unusual activities to do with the family in Paris

August 4th, 2023

The city of Paris is so rich in historical monuments and cultural activities that it is easy to occupy every hour of your stay without ever getting bored. But if you want to approach the capital from a different perspective, there are many unusual activities to visit Paris . Here are 8 ideas for amazing outings to do with family in the capital .

Take an original means of transport to visit Paris

During a classic visit to Paris, tourists walk a lot. And if the distances seem too long, the option of the metro, bus, RER, bicycle, or even taxi, is preferred. But why not get off the beaten track by visiting Paris aboard a more unusual means of transport? We are not talking here about the traditional open-air tourist bus, but rather a Tuk Tuk, or even a sidecar.

Visiting Paris by Tuk Tuk is undoubtedly an unforgettable and unusual experience. It must be said that this small vehicle, which can carry up to 6 people, is particularly practical for sneaking through the small streets of Paris, and thus discovering more atypical places in the city.

For an unusual experience, you can also choose to visit Paris in a sidecar . The 2 passengers can then also circulate easily in the small streets of Paris, and discover all the secrets of the capital.

Discover an artists’ squat in the heart of Paris

In Paris, art is everywhere! But if you want to live an immersive experience in the heart of artists’ studios , go to 59 Rivoli , in the 1st arrondissement of Paris. In this 6-storey building, artists of all kinds live, work and exhibit their works, to the delight of visitors for whom access is completely free.

Street art lovers can also discover the FAT (French Art Touch) , a bar in the 3rd arrondissement that showcases urban art. Sit down around a good cocktail or a craft beer, and live a unique experience in an eclectic setting where artistic events follow one another (graffiti artist, tattoo artist, DJ…).

Visit an unusual museum

If you are enjoying a family stay in Paris, visits to unusual museums are the best activities to interest young and old alike. So, after discovering the unmissable Parisian museums, such as the Louvre or the Musée d’Orsay, go to more amazing spaces, for a fun experience:

  • The Museum of Illusion;
  • The city of Science ;
  • The Atelier des Lumières;
  • The Museum of Fairground Arts;
  • The Chocolate Museum;
  • The budding museum…

To complete your unusual walks, Grévin museum always surprises with its larger than life wax statues . Good news ! It is located just 5 minutes walk from the Cadet Residence!

Participate in an escape game in the streets of Paris

Whether you are with friends or family, the escape game is the ideal unusual activity to spend a convivial moment. In Paris, it is possible to make the moment even more amazing, by participating in original escape games, in the streets of Paris or indoors.

The open-air escape game is the perfect opportunity to discover the history of Paris and its different districts, while having fun. Le Libre Promeneur invites you to approach the major districts of Paris from another angle, with different themes, such as Montmartre, the Covered Passages, or the Ile de la Cité.

Indoors, this immersive game also gives you the opportunity to approach the greatest monuments of the capital through a virtual reality escape game , something to keep busy and continue to visit Paris even in rainy weather!

Discover Paris in virtual reality

Paris is huge, and full of secrets that are not always accessible to the general public. So, to afford the chance and the curiosity to access forbidden places, why not turn to virtual reality ? This is what offers, for example, Flyview, Viality Tour, or Illucity. Live an unforgettable moment during an unusual visit to Hidden Paris , and travel through space and time.

Relive the construction of the Eiffel Tower, go behind the scenes at Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris, or fly over the pyramids of Egypt without ever leaving the Virtual Room. This is the perfect activity for traveling without getting tired, or for keeping busy in rainy weather.

Explore the forest of Fontainebleau by dog sled

After a few unusual visits to the heart of Paris , the desire to get some fresh air in large green spaces is sometimes felt. So, rather than settling for a classic walk in the Luxembourg Gardens or the Champ-de-Mars Park, why not continue with an unusual experience? The dog sled ride in the forest of Fontainebleau is the ideal activity to create good memories and experience strong sensations. Evasion Canine then invites you to climb on a kart, and let yourself be guided by the dogs!

Book the only table in the restaurant “La tête dans les olives”

The discovery of Paris necessarily involves the discovery of French cuisine. In terms of unusual outings around gastronomy, we often think of the culinary activity. But this time, we suggest you have lunch or dinner in a single restaurant , since it only has one table , for a maximum of 5 people.

Remember to book several months in advance, to be able to discover the Sicilian cuisine of this restaurant which also does groceries, and experience the privilege of being at the center of chef Cédric Casanova’s concerns.

Discover the records of all kinds of Parisian architecture

If you like reading the Book of Records, you will love discovering some unusual addresses in Paris . From the smallest house to the narrowest street, there is no shortage of incredible places in the capital:

  • The smallest door in Paris, which leads to an atypical Japanese restaurant (Paris 6);
  • The narrowest street in Paris (1.80 m wide), rue du chat-qui-pêche (Paris 5);
  • The smallest house in Paris, 3 meters deep and 1.40 m wide (Paris 10);
  • The shortest street in Paris (6 meters long), rue des Degrés (Paris 2);
  • The smallest square in Paris, Place du Calvaire (Paris 18)…

To live an unforgettable experience, based on laughter and atypical discoveries, nothing beats an unusual activity. From the catacombs of Paris to the cabinet of curiosities, there is no shortage of unusual activities in Paris, and ensure you have a good time with family, friends, or even during a team building.

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