Cadet residence: your short-term rental in Paris for summer 2023

Cadet residence: your short-term rental in Paris for summer 2023

July 3rd, 2023

If the hotel is the ideal accommodation for a short stay in Paris, it becomes more expensive and restrictive for longer trips. So, short-term rental is a good compromise to take advantage of punctual accommodation in the heart of the capital. From apartments to studios, the Cadet residence offers you all the advantages of short-term rental in Paris for summer 2023.

Short-term rental in Paris: the concept

To fully understand all the advantages of seasonal rental, let’s start by recalling how this type of tourist rental works.

Short-term rental: definition

Seasonal rental allows all travellers, whether for holidays or for professional reasons, to enjoy a entire accommodation over a more or less long period. It is therefore an excellent compromise between a hotel room, which can quickly become expensive, and a rental apartment.

Short-term rentals meet certain legislative requirements and are governed by the ALUR law. Thus, the rental agreement only authorizes the rental of a Furnished apartment, furnished home, furnished lodging to a person who goes there stay temporarily and punctual, without it becoming his main residence. Certain furniture is then mandatory in the accommodation so that it falls within the framework of the ALUR law: a hob, a bed, a refrigerator, storage space, lighting, a bathroom, etc.

The rental period of this type of lease

For a stay to be considered short-term, its duration must not exceed 90 days. On the other hand, no regulation sets the rental price, and the owner is free to display the amount of his choice in the rental lease.

A rental contract is then mandatory, in which the lessor mentions all the mandatory data (tariff terms, duration, inventory of installations, etc.). It is also required to carry out an entry and exit inventory.

The advantages of renting furnished apartments for the short term

In general, the seasonal rental offers a greater freedomand greater flexibility to customers than to the hotel. Indeed, the tenants have an entire accommodation, with everything necessary to stay without constraint. They can cook, rest, or even wash without having to go out, as we would at home, but they can also go out and eat at any time. Furnished accommodation is thus better equipped than a hotel room, and the client finds himself in his rental with the same comfort as at home.

But short-term rental is also often more economicalthan booking a hotel room. Beyond the fact that the rate per night is lower over long periods, it should also be noted that the rental accommodation equipment allows you to cook and have breakfast on site, without having to go at the restaurant.

Finally, seasonal rentals also offer a greater privacy, because everyone is free to occupy their accommodation, to come and go as they wish. The staff is often more discreet, but also much warmer.

In Paris more than elsewhere, temporary rental offers a real advantage, because the average price of hotel rooms per night is very high, and the cost of catering outside is also high. In addition, the entire accommodation offers very pleasant comfort and security to visit Paris serenely and at your own pace.

Cadet residence: an ideal location in Paris for a short stay

Located in the 9th arrondissement of Paris, the Cadet residence is ideally located near the Opéra district and its many treasures.

The Grevin Museum

If you rent a family apartment at the Cadet residence, your whole little family will be delighted to visit the Grevin museum. There, more than 200 wax statues of famous people from our history are exhibited in larger-than-life settings. From the footballer to the singer, passing by the politician or the actor, you will inevitably find a personality dear to your heart.

The Drouot hotel

Take advantage of your Paris apartment rental to discover the Hotel Drouot. This auction house, built in the 19th century and modernized in 1970, opens its doors every day to visitors curious to know more about the auction of works of art. You will be able to freely access the auction rooms, discover the items for sale, and even attend the auctions.

The Palais Garnier

Built by Charles Garnier during the Second Empire, Garnier opera is an architectural masterpiece, and the facade with its many gildings and statues will dazzle you as soon as you arrive. Inside, the luxurious decoration continues to seduce. Today, opera is  an auditorium dedicated mainly to ballets, but it is also possible to visit the entire building.

Department stores in the Opéra district

Fashion lovers will take advantage of their short-term apartment to go shopping in the Department Stores of the Opera. Two addresses are essential here:

  • The Galeries Lafayette, with their huge dome, are home to many luxury boutiques and major brand stores;
  • The Spring Haussmann, between the Opéra Garnier and the Gare Saint-Lazare, is the inventor of the sale concept. The Art Deco building is home to many fashion, beauty and decoration stores.

The Japanese quarter and rue Sainte-Anne

If you head towards the Royal Palace of the Louvre, you will arrive in the Japanese district of Paris, between the 1st and 2nd arrondissements. We advise you to go to the St. Anne Street, where good restaurant addresses await you to delight you with Asian cuisine at the best prices. Atmosphere guaranteed!

You will also find many shops related to Japanese culture, whether with manga, traditional clothing, books…

Cadet Residence: an ideal aparthotel for a short-term rental in Paris

The concept of short-term rental appeals to you, and you are looking for a short-term apartment rental in Paris? The Cadet residence will meet your expectations. A nice studio, or a large family apartment? The independent accommodations of the is aparthotel of Paris 9 are what you need.

You will be welcomed in a modern and warm setting, for several nights or several weeks, and will enjoy full equipment: private bathroom, fully equipped kitchen, lounge area with sofa bed and flat screen TV, quality bedding…

The beautiful apartments of the Cadet residence ensure you a quality temporary rental, in the heart of Paris.

Are you planning to stay in Paris for several days? The Cadet residence offers you aapartment for short term rental, to take full advantage of your stay, without constraint or excessive expense.

From apartments to studios, the Cadet residence offers you all the advantages ofshort-term rental in Paris for summer 2023.

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