How to visit Paris at low cost ?

How to visit Paris at low cost ?

March 23rd, 2020

Is Paris the most expensive city in the world to visit? Probably if you don’t know it well. Because it offers itself (that’s the word!) to its lovers for almost nothing, if you know where to go and when to go. Discover our many solutions to visit Paris at low cost: travel, sightseeing, restaurants, accommodation… It’s all there!

Moving around Paris at low cost

Visit Paris on foot

Paris is not, apart from the periphery at rush hour, the most crowded city in the world in its most touristic parts. And curiously enough, its history has enabled it to develop a whole network of walking tours in all its districts from the banks of the Seine to the covered passages via the Pont des Arts. Stroll with your nose up, New Europe Tours offers you magnificent guided walks in Paris, accompanied by a free guide.

Paris tourist bus companies

These “bus tours”, such as Open Tour or Big Bus, sell tickets that allow you to visit the Paris you love with an explanatory commentary in your own language. But even better, you can get on and off the bus for a visit to a monument you are passionate about. Some tickets give you access to the bus and to museum visits, cruises on the Seine… In short, an enchantment, for a few dozen euros per person.

Free admission to Parisian museums

Dates to remember

Do museums have a pricing policy for art loving tourists? Of course, for your greatest pleasure!
Free entry to the major Parisian museums on the first Saturday (sometimes at night) or the first Sunday of the month will allow you to visit the most visited museums in the city for nothing!

Free museums for young people

Most of the permanent collections of the National Museums are free of charge for young people under the age of 18 and for EU citizens under 26. This free admission applies every day, without exception. Temporary exhibitions, on the other hand, are generally subject to a charge.

Free collections all year round

The vast majority of the permanent collections of Parisian museums are accessible free of charge every day for young people under the age of 18 and for those under the age of 26 who are EU citizens. Temporary exhibitions are still subject to a charge. Discover here the list of the main Parisian museums whose permanent collections are free for all, all year round.

Monuments accessible free of charge

In addition to the Heritage Day during which many cultural or religious monuments and museums are open, the most important monuments such as Notre Dame or the Royal Palace, the Senate and the National Assembly remain permanently open during opening hours.
Find here the list of free monuments in Paris and Ile de France.

Discover here the complete list of museums and monuments to visit for free in Paris!

Eat good at a cheap price

Paris is overflowing with good tables of all kinds.

Eating well in Paris without going broke is not an insurmountable challenge. There are not only Michelin-starred tables in the chicest districts such as the Place des Vosges, for example, to eat well and cheaply. Follow Romain and Thomas in their gastronomic adventures. They invite you to table for about ten euros. How do they do it? By reading about their gourmet discoveries on the petites tables website!

Cheap accommodation in Paris with La Cadet Résidence

Cover’s good, but the roof in all this? Is it possible to stay with family or a few friends at reasonable prices? The answer is at the Cadet Residence, which has fully equipped apartments for one to six people. Kitchen for economical meals, spacious rooms, ultra-modern bathroom, TV, air conditioning, etc. Our slogan is “just like at home” and our whole team works to prove it to you. For the prices? On the basic rate of one night, we offer you a 20% discount from 3 nights onwards. Without any additional charges that would put a strain on your budget.
In addition, internet access is offered to you. Large family apartments and discounted rates in Paris? The dream!

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