Gourmet stroll in Paris: the martyrs street – Tour of the artisanal shops

Gourmet stroll in Paris: the martyrs street – Tour of the artisanal shops

May 19th, 2019

The rue des Martyrs is not only an old road leading to the village of Montmartre. Indeed, it is now a place of passage for the most greedy Parisians and travelers, 10 minutes walk from our accommodation.

The high-end specialty stores offer mainly culinary pleasures: Madeleines Mademoiselle (37 rue des Martyrs) only madeleines; The Grands d’Espagne (36 rue des Martyrs) specializes in Spanish ham Pata Negra… Let’s discover some of those with the Cadet Residence !

Good places for gourmands

The Belgian counter

At number 58 of la rue des martyrs, it is not a typical French shop that welcomes visitors, but a shop of Belgian origin, which distributes the traditional waffles of Liège. Likely to be tasted plain, with whipped cream or filled with chocolate, they can not leave you indifferent if you love sweet food.

Sébastien Gaudard

Continuing your walk in this street, we invite you to enter the pastry Martyrs. It houses as its establishment indicates a real pastry chef who also serves as chocolatier, confectioner and glacier. Depending on the period and your desires of the moment, you can especially indulge in one of the many sorbets or give in to the sirens of a delicious Tropézienne. That said, if there was one sweetness to discover, it would be the Mussipontain imagined by the father of Sebastien Gaudard.

The room with jams and other stalls

Lise Bienaimé receives the visitors in her “Room with jams”, an address where you can easily find the confectionery of her dreams. In view of all the sweets available, it is not surprising that her owner has such a name!


Sébastien Mauvieux, a pastry chef trained by Lenôtre, learned bread on the ground. Winner of the Best Baguette of Paris in 2012, he opens at PAIN PAIN in 2015 and shares his know-how through a neighborhood bakery. Come and have a look at tea time and succumb to their cinnamon apple slippers. Especially when it’s still warm!


At the same time producer and distributor of dairy products, this company has more than one asset in its bag. In their stalls you will find cheeses and dairy products in all their forms.

Henri Le Roux

Yum, chocolate! And not just any … Henri Le Roux was named the Best Chocolatier of France in 2003 by the “Chocolate Crunchers Club”. Its chocolates are a real delight, to taste alone or well accompanied …

Honey from the Mary family

The Mary Family has been manufacturing honey since 1921, and today offers more than 50 types of honey. Most ? You can bring your jar to honey and fill it at the source! Indeed, three large silver valves pour different honeys placed in glass vats ….

People Drugstore

This shop offers hundreds of beer brands … But not only! We also offer chess boards and second hand books! It is a welcoming and original place to discover urgently.

And so many others!

Take a tour at Popelini at 44 rue des Martyrs to taste cream puffs garnished with homemade cream with delicate scents … Then go to Ice Glazed, where you can taste the delicious ice cream Henri Guittet. And do not forget to visit the PPP boutique, Première Pression Provence where you can discover about thirty original olive oils selected from Provencal producers

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