Find a aparthotel near Pigalle in Paris!

Find a aparthotel near Pigalle in Paris!

September 12th, 2019

Are you looking for a hotel near Pigalle in Paris? Book a room at the Cadet Residence! Indeed, our residence is perfect for people who want to visit the main capital’s attractions. In the same time, it allows you to meet your expectations. Particularly if you enjoy walking or / and discovering unexpected and surprising places.

Our aparthotel near Pigalle

Pigalle evokes in the collective mind the famous cabarets, the Moulin Rouge, the Goutte d’or, red light district… But also the drifts that accompany certain evenings.

However, the district contains breathtaking places, and for some people unsuspected.

Little stroll in Pigalle

Following the example of the Cité du Midi. Small houses, decorative earthenware, plant species in front of each door, and so on. You will not remain insensitive to the peaceful atmosphere of this dead end of a hundred meters!

Another path worth a visit not far from there is Avenue Frochot. Look up and enjoy the show, you will come across art-deco houses as well as Flemish and medieval style houses. Once again, this is a great chance to recharge your batteries in an island of greenery hidden near the main arteries.

Then continue your walk by joining the rue des Martyr and its essential shops. It is an area where the speed is now limited to 20 km/h.

A short distance from our hotel near Pigalle, you’ll also find the Malherbes city. What is this place like? The picturesque façades of these houses deserve to be discovered! The most atypical is undoubtedly the house located at number 9, with its sumptuous enamelled terracotta paintings.

South Pigalle, or Sopi for those who know….

Then head south, more precisely towards Notre Dame de Lorette church. A building that stands out for its neo classical architecture, completed in 1836. In its lair, one marvels in particular at its nave and the ornaments on its ceiling.

You will then enjoy strolling through what are the ancestors of our contemporary shopping centres. These are on the one hand the Passage Verdeau and on the other hand the Passage Jouffroy. Settled in the first of the antique dealers and various unusual shops popular with tourists.

As for the Jouffroy Passage, you could find oriental objects, toys or even pieces of furniture.

Our walk also invites you to discover the Cité Bergère, which bears witness to the capital’s best historical heritage. Very quiet, it houses many famous and touristic places.

Before punctuating your walk in the Pigalle district, and taking Cadet Street, explore Cité Trévise. This one charms visitors in particular with its remarkable fenced garden.

Around our aparthotel in Pigalle

During your stay in Paris, take the opportunity to visit mythical Parisian places ! The Residence is indeed located a stone’s throw from many spots of interest ! Enjoy then our good location in the 9th arrondissement of Paris.

You can go shopping at the department stores (Galerie Lafayette) on Boulevard Haussmann, or take a trip to Paris Montmartre.

Discover the magnificent Basilica of the Sacred Heart, the small cobbled streets, the charm of an authentic “village” district…

The centre of Paris, the Latin Quarter and the Marais are only a few metro stations away. You also have a direct access to the Opéra Garnier and Disneyland Paris. As well as to Gare du Nord, Gare de l’Est and Saint Lazare…

When you return from your Parisian expeditions, you will be delighted to find your comfortable and spacious rooms ! As well as a broadband Wi Fi connection, to send photos of your adventures to your loved ones!

Have a good trip to Paris with the Cadet Residence…

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