It’s spring: here’s why you have to enjoy Paris by bike!

It’s spring: here’s why you have to enjoy Paris by bike!

May 3rd, 2023

Cycling provides unique sensations of freedom and fresh air. And just because you’re in a big city doesn’t mean you have to. A true ecological and economical means of transport, the bicycle also contributes to good physical health. Let’s see how to enjoy Paris by bike , and make the ride more enjoyable.

Take the time to visit Paris

The big advantage of the bike is that it imposes no constraints on your journey or schedule . Without any imperative, except for mild weather, the bike is therefore an opportunity to take your time to visit Paris , and choose the itinerary of your choice. You are free to stop wherever you want: a café, a museum, the banks of the Seine, a monument… There are many parking spaces for bicycles in the capital, and you are free to stop as you wish.

In addition, the many cycle paths allow you to ride safely and at your own pace, far from heavy traffic.

The two-wheeler: an economical means of transport in Paris

There is no shortage of public transport in Paris, but none is more economical than cycling. Between the metro ticket at €1.90, the car that requires refueling and regular maintenance, and the taxi ride at several tens of euros, two-wheelers are a free solution . , or almost .

Indeed, you have the choice to buy your own bike and its accessories, or to use a bike rental service in Paris , for a traditional bike or an electric bike. There is also a third solution: renting a Vélib’ . In all cases, the investment is low, and very quickly profitable.

Learn about slow-travel in the capital

More and more initiatives are launched to reduce the environmental impact of our behavior and habits. On the front line, the means of transport are gradually moving towards a more reasoned and reasonable use. Bike rides are therefore an opportunity to contribute to this environmental and sustainable approach, by opting for green mobility .

The establishment of cycle paths goes in this direction, as do many events, such as Paris Respire , which highlights soft mobility (pedestrian and bicycle). For a few hours, several districts of Paris are then prohibited to all motorized vehicles, to enjoy the pleasure of walking around without polluting .

Visit the districts of Paris and beyond in a different way

Whatever your destination in Paris, you are almost sure to be able to find a route on a cycle path . It must be said that the 1,000 km of tracks ensure you a bike ride without limits. You then have the choice of taking the busy main roads, or embarking on the small streets of the capital.

This is an opportunity to discover the Parisian districts differently . From the Latin Quarter to the Marais, via Montmartre, soak up the varied atmospheres of these typical neighborhoods.

And your ride does not stop there, because on the outskirts of Paris, more than 6,000 km of cycle paths continue to make you travel. A short walk will guide you along the Canal de l’Ourcq, while the bravest can even go to Mont-Saint-Michel, or even to Spain, simply by taking the cycle paths from Paris.

Enjoy spring in Paris

With the arrival of fine weather and mild weather, nothing is more pleasant than taking a walk outside. Paris then becomes a huge playground, where you can enjoy a bike ride to get some fresh air . If you have no other goal than to enjoy the good weather, then head to the Parisian parks , ideal for walks: the Bois de Vincennes, the Bois de Boulogne, the Reuilly garden, the Monceau park, the Villette Park…

If you like to ride in the heart of the French capital, why not take advantage of spring to take a short bike ride near the most beautiful Parisian monuments ? The Louvre Museum, the banks of the Seine, the Pont des Arts, the Pont Neuf and the Musée d’Orsay are as beautiful from the outside as from the inside.

Doing physical activity without even realizing it

Sport and you, that makes two? So, a short bike ride on a bike path allows you to exercise without even realizing it . Both physical and fun, the two-wheeler offers exceptional sensations. In Paris, the desire to see more and more of the capital’s most beautiful sites will push you to pedal more, always at your own pace.

And if you want to make your bike ride even more enjoyable, you can even take advantage of a guided bike tour of Paris . Paris Bike Tour, Paris by bike, or even Blue Fox Travel offer you different themed itineraries, to experience alone, as a couple, with friends or family. Are you curious to live new experiences and visit the capital differently? Try the adventure of cycling in Paris . By reserving a hotel room at the Cadet residence, you ensure access to all the most beautiful courses in just a few minutes.

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