Erasmus student apartment in Paris

Erasmus student apartment in Paris

February 20th, 2020

More and more students are going abroad for part of their academic career. However, finding accommodation for these short stays can sometimes be difficult, especially in a city like Paris. You already know how difficult it is to find accommodation in the capital ? Then imagine how complicated it is to find an Erasmus student apartment. An apartment-hotel, such as those in our Cadet Residence, can be a good solution to this problem.

The difficult search for Erasmus student accommodation in Paris

Mobility is a quality that is increasingly sought after in the world of work and in society in general. Thus, students are strongly encouraged to undertake an internship abroad or to follow a semester of courses abroad.

Often referred to as “Erasmus students” after the name of the largest university exchange programme, these expatriate students will face a number of difficulties, the first of which is finding accommodation.

This can be a real obstacle course because there are many constraints. An apartment for Erasmus students must be well located. Indeed, the occupant will probably not be transported to his or her courses.

It can be a real obstacle course because there are many constraints. An apartment for Erasmus students must have a good geographical location. Its occupant will probably not be transported to his classes. The Erasmus student will also pay close attention to the rent as he or she rarely has large resources and other costs to pay.

In addition to these constraints, it should not be forgotten that the research will be done at a distance, from his or her home country. Therefore, without the knowledge of the real estate market and without the possibility to visit.

An apartment for Erasmus students in our Cadet Residence

For Erasmus students in Paris, the apartments of the Résidence Cadet may be the key to their research. Located in the street of the same name between the Opera and the Butte Montmartre, it will allow you to live in the heart of Parisian life! So stay in a dynamic, sought-after neighbourhood with excellent public transport links.

The apartments of the residence are fully furnished and equipped for immediate occupancy. Shelves and cupboards are available to store all the Erasmus student’s belongings. The student will also have at his disposal a wireless internet access, essential for his studies and to keep in touch with his relatives. Each Erasmus student apartment also has a flat-screen TV, an iron and ironing board, …

These apartments can accommodate up to 4 or 6 people. It will therefore be possible to share this Erasmus student apartment between several flatmates in order to live a beautiful multicultural experience in the French capital. This will also allow you to share the costs. Especially as the prices are degressive according to the number of nights.

Given the difficulty of finding a short-term rental in Paris, the apart-hotel option of the Résidence Cadet is therefore ideal for a student simply wishing to stay for a few months.

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